Futsal European Federation

World Youth Championship C20

Defindas Series II for World Youth Championship C20

They were formed groups for the II World Cup in juvenile hall category 20 (C20) to be fulfilled in Valledupar, Colombia between 18 and 26 November.


Group A: Argentina, Catalonia, Morocco and Bolivia.
Group B: Colombia, Australia, India and South Africa.
Group C: Paraguay, Brazil, Italy and the United States.




Fixture in phase
Date 1 (18 and 19 November)
Argentina vs. Morocco
Catalonia vs. Bolivia
Colombia vs. India
Australia vs. South Africa
Paraguay vs. Italy
vs. South Africa USA

Date 2 (November 20)
Morocco vs. Bolivia
Argentina vs. Catalonia
India vs. South Africa
Colombia vs. Australia
USA vs. Italy
Paraguay vs. Brazil

Date 3 (November 21)
Catalonia vs. Morocco
Argentina vs. Bolivia
Australia vs. India
Colombia vs. South Africa
Italy vs. Brazil
Paraguay vs. USA They

advance to the quarterfinals the top two in each group plus the two best third (duels on 22 November).

Winners dispute the quadrangular title (24, 25 and 26 November).

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