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Defined dates for the World largest – Argentina 2019

The 12th World Football Championship games will be met between 31 March and 7 April in the town of Misiones, Argentina, with the participation of 16 teams that will arrive from Oceania (1), America (6) Europe (6 ), Asia (2) and Africa (1), grouped into four areas, each with four teams.

The venues will Montecarlo (Polideportivo Municipal), Posadas (Polideportivo Ernesto “Finito” Gehrmann), Obera (new Sports Ian Barney), Eldorado (Municipal and University Sports), Wanda (Polideportivo Municipal) and Puerto Iguazu (Polideportivo Municipal).

Sunday 31 March 2019 the Opening Ceremony and opening match featuring Argentina, will take place in Monte Carlo. The draw forming of groups will be in Posadas, in date, time and place to be announced promptly and in advance by the organization.

The official presentation of the 2019 World operative was fulfilled in the town of Misiones, Argentiba, in a presentation led by Minister of Sports of the Province of Misiones, Rafa Morgenstern and the President of the Confederation Argentina Futsal (CAFS) Pedro Bonnettini.

Also present were the Director of Competitions of the World Futsal Association – MFA July Notary and Manuel Sanchez Aguirre, President of the Colombian Football Federation Hall, whose team is the defending champion.

Source: Argentina Futsal Confederation (CAFS)

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