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FEF National Selections qualified for 1/4 Final C 20 !

Mundial C20 futsal amf

The three nations affiliated with the FEF, Catalonia, Italy and Marocco, qualified for the 1/4 final of the AMF C20 World Championships.

After three days of intense competition, the European nations performed well, achieving a good overall performance. Competing with the selections of South America in particular, they can hope to continue their tournament. Catalonia, reigning European Champion, can dream of getting to the square of the competition !

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Results 1st Day

Colombia vs India : 22-0
Argentina vs Morocco : 7-2
Catalonia vs Bolivia : 6-5
Australia vs South Africa : 2-5
Paraguay vs Italy : 8-0
Brazil vs USA : 13-0

Results 2nd Day

USA vs Italy : 1-10
India vs South Africa : 3-7
Paraguay vs Brazil : 2-4
Colombia vs Australia : 10-0
Argentina vs Catalonia : 2-1
Bolivia vs Morocco : 3-3

Results 3rd Day

Australia vs India : 7-2
Paraguay vs USA : 20-0
Catalonia vs Morocco: 5-5
Argentina vs Bolivia : 5-4
Brazil vs Italy : 6-3
Colombia vs South Africa : 4-1

Quarterfinals 23/11

Colombia vs Paraguay
Brazil vs Italy
Catalonia vs South Africa
Argentina vs Morocco

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