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semi final C20
Paraguay, Catalonia, Brazil and Argentina will dispute the semifinal series of the II World C20 of AMF Futsal, which is played in Valledupar, Colombia.

Only Catalonia qualifies

After four highly contested matches and the surprising elimination of Colombia, the last square of the C20 World Cup is known. A lot of suspense, surprises, the joy of crying, competition brings a lot of emotions.

Despite a very good performance, Italy has failed a bit (2-3) against Brazil, yet a big favorite. For its part, Morocco has not demerit against Argentina (0-3). All that remains is Catalonia to represent the European continent. The men of President Vives have had all the trouble in the world to dominate South Africa (7-6) in a meeting rich in twists and turns.

The games to be fulfilled in the Julio Monsalvo are  :

18H30 : Paraguay vs. Catalonia
20H00 : Brazil vs. Argentina

The markers in the quarterfinal round :

  • Catalonia 7-6 South Africa
  • Brazil 3-2 Italy
  • Colombia 2-3 Paraguay
  • Argentina 3-0 Morocco
Bolivia beat Australia 8-2 and finished ninth, while the USA defeated India and finished 11th.

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