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paraguay champion du monde C20

At the end of a rebounding final, like the competition, Paraguay became C20 World Champion dominating Argentina (3-2). Brazil is on the podium after their ultimate success against Catalonia, the first European nation.


The final of the C20 World Cup between Paraguay and Argentina made a final point to a very good competition, which met a great popular and sporting success. From the first to the last day, the tournament has been full of surprises, twists and a huge show. The elimination of Colombia in the quarterfinals, the performances of Italy and South Africa have marked the spirits throughout the week of competition. The stranglehold of Colombia on the various world seems to have ended after the victory of Brazil in women, and therefore Paraguay in C20. A trend that could be confirmed in Argentina for the 2019 Mondial de Misiones ? Possible.

paraguay champion du monde C20 AMF


If the podium is 100% South American (Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil), we must note the very good performances of other nations. At the European level in particular, Catalonia made a strong impression with a very good 4th place. The men of President Vives accused the blow physically at the end of the tournament, and can feed some regrets.

Regrets there will be also for Italy, which fails a bit at the gates of the last square. France’s fallers in the last moments of the Euro at home, the transalpine this time tipped their turn at the end of the game against Brazil. Infuriating. Real surprise of the World C20, South Africa proved that African futsal progressed, competing with Colombia and Catalonia. Morroco also made a good competition with a 7th place after coming out of a raised group.

FEF President, Luca Alfieri could be very proud of the FEF nations who represented in the best way the development of AMF Futsal on the old continent. To confirm in a few months in Argentina we hope.

The C20 World Cup was in the end a very good promotion of AMF Futsal and especially a perfect foretaste of the AMF 2019 Men’s World Championship, which will take place from March 31 to April 7, 2019 in Argentina.


Paraguay Campeón Mundial C20 2018 

Paraguay 3-2 Argentina
Final del Mundial C20 – Valledupar, Colombia 2018


Final standing :

  1. Paraguay
  2. Argentina
  3. Brazil
  4. Catalonia
  5. Colombia
  6. South Africa
  7. Morocco
  8. Italy
  9. Bolivia
  10. Australia
  11. USA
  12. India

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