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To celebrate its 5 years of existence, the French Futsal Association is offering a new logo, more modern and more specific to authentic futsal.

In partnership with Sologne Communication, the AFF is acquiring a new image with this logotype version 2019 that will expand our national men’s selection at the Argentinian Worlds. Anxious to improve its reputation and its image on a daily basis, the French Futsal Association had to modernize its logo. It’s done.

The logotype takes the colors of the tricolor flag, but also the recurring emblem of France internationally, the Gallic rooster. Recognized for its panache and character, the Gallic rooster corresponds to the state of mind of the AFF which develops against all odds, showing courage and determination.

But the real change lies in the symbols of our sport, futsal. Firstly the insole control, linked to our discipline since its creation and so typical of all practicing salonnists. Our Gallic rooster shows us the right gesture, the right attitude. Then, the ground, the help of game. It is present in the background with its specific lines and the zones of the guards. The space where everything is played, where the show is omnipresent and where all the actors share the same values.

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