Futsal European Federation



This last weekend, took place in the city of Barcelona the AMF´s Seminar for referees level 3. For this important seminar attended referees from 8 nations : Great Britain, France, Catalonia, Russia, Northern Cyprus, Belarus, Italy and Switzerland.


Several workshops on different countries were organized by the AMF Referees committee with the goal to reach to the next World Cup with common points of view, at the same time a review of the laws of the game and changes of the rules were on the scope. After three intense days of work, theoretical and practical exercises and exchanges, the seminar enabled Europe to increase its international referee quota.

The Futsal European Federation has now a total of 13 accredited referees for the next upcoming international events (World Cup, European Championships, European Cups…)

Luca Alfieri, FEF president,  congratulated all the referees and wished them all the success in the further international competitions.


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