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Realizing a course almost perfect and supported by a huge popular fervor, Argentina has become futsal world champion AMF. 25 years after his first title, already at home, the selection albiceleste was very scared in the final before capsizing happiness. Brazil and Paraguay complete the podium of the very successful Futsal World AMF Championship.



A favorite of the draw and even before the start of the competition, Argentina became world champion, 25 years after his last coronation. But if the story is beautiful, it could have been tragic at six seconds. After France, you are faced with a much more dangerous opponent for the local selection, Paraguay, the big underdogs, but who had been all the problems of the world to qualify for the last four. Sending, Paraguay was waiting for it to be rid of Morocco (3-2) in a superb opposition. Patiently, Argentina put its game to unveil and took advantage of the fatigue of his opponents (4-0). In the other semi-final, the suspense was much more present between Brazil and the surprise guest, the ‘South Africa. Indeed, great favorites of the meeting, the brazilians have their salvation on the side of the player.


The classic “Argentina-Brazil” among the classics, always salivate in advance for sports fans. Once again the show was at the rendezvous. The decor already, the sublime cauldron of Montecarlo, archi-conble where loan of 4000 fans packed to attend the party. And what a party! Already off the pitch, with an electric atmosphere, a deafening noise, an incomparable fervor, the futsal AMF, the only one, the real one. Then, on the field, with show, but, twists … Just take time for Brazil to be at the full-blown ball to be and a prime minister. It’s the fire in the room (1-0)! Yes, but now, Brazil has not said its last word. Based on an efficient and high-performance base, the golden players must make a late free kick (1-1), then just give thanks to their pivot (1-2). The atmosphere goes down several levels, anxiety comes after the delirium. The meeting becomes tense, the Brazilian pivot takes a blue color but the minutes turn.



The pressure is palpable for all players, coaches, supporters and even referees. While on a controversial action in the Brazilian surface, is concealed in a penalty of hand and fire. Hard, especially after considering the main one was … Argentinian! In action, the goalkeeper, but Brelien is “injured” and the Brazilian tactician find their specialists, a giant of 150 pounds. The ball is released in contact, it remains only to play ten seconds. And there, the miracle, bad clearance of the head, the captain sees the ball bouncing in front of him. Tip, skylight and explosion of the room! Equalization of Argentina to six seconds of the ringtone, a scenario of type crazy Holywoodian (2-2)! The fervor has changed from camp and out will prove it. Quickly, Grasso and his partners found themselves on a school action clonclue at the last post (3-2). Used, Brazil will not be able to come back and allow Argentina to live its dreamed history, to win a world title at home !




John Pinilla (match Colombia-Catalonia in front of Morocco-France), who offered a last recital in the Colombian jersey before retiring at 38 years old. In front of Catalonia, in the ranking match for 5th place, Colombia with one last time the genius of this player. If he was successful in winning a world title, he always entertained the public and his partners with the actions, the passes, the courses and the goals of which he is alone in secret.If it was not enough that Colombia qualifies for the final (eliminated by Brazil in a suspense game 2 to 1), the best futsal player of all time, the AMF World Cup goal scorer (10 goals). A very nice ending for a very tall gentleman. Ciao the artist !


1 Drapeau argentin  argentin
2 Drapeau du brésil  Brésil
3 Drapeau du Paraguay  Le Paraguay
4 Drapeau de l'Afrique du Sud  Afrique du sud
5 Drapeau de la colombie  La Colombie
6 Drapeau de la Catalogne  La Catalogne
7 Drapeau marocain  Maroc
8 Drapeau de la france  France
9 Drapeau italien  Italie
dix Drapeau de l'Uruguay  Uruguay
11 Drapeau de Curaçao  Curacao
12 Drapeau des États-Unis  États Unis
13 Drapeau australien  Australie
14 Drapeau népalais  Népal
15 Drapeau de la Bolivie  Bolivie
16 Drapeau du pakistan  Pakistan

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