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At the end of a 100% french final, Toulouse Metropole FC won (3-1) the European Women’s CHampions Cup 2019 against Futsal Marguerittois. A historic first title for a French club at the european level. Congratulations to all the teams and the french organization. The 2019 edition of the FEF Women Champions League was a great success for the president and all his team. Despite some unforeseen events and logistical delays, the French organization was highly appreciated by the clubs present and the delegates of the FEF, including its president, Luca Alfieri.

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On the athletic side, the Toulouse Metropole FC formation has logically won a tournament that it flew over. Relying on an iron defense, the Toulouse have taken precedence over all their opponents, often leaving no hope to their opponents. This was still the case in the final, despite a very good resistance of the Futsal Marguerittois in a remake of the french national finals AFF 2018. In this French-French final and in front of well-filled stands, Marguerittes and Toulouse have done honor to the women futsal.

Toulouse won its first European Cup (3-1), the Futsal Marguerittois will have to wait to raise a new trophy.

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Marguerittes and Toulouse have offered good performances in the group stage. If the french southerners easily got the better of the Moroccan Kenitra, they had a little more trouble against Monaco AMF, future semi-finalist. While they had the game in hand, Elodie Lizzano and his troupe will be a little frightened and won the first leg of a single goal (7-6). The return match of the next day will be just as tight (1-1), but Marguerittes only needed a draw to climb into the last four. The surprise came from the qualification of Monaco AMF face to AS Kenitra in two games where the difference was made on details.

In the other group, Toulouse atomized his opponents. Led by a Laurine Gibory in great shape, the players of the pink city chained the boxes. Thirty goals scored for a single cashed in four games, the statistics are there to demonstrate the clear round of Dominique Geminiano and his band! For the second ticket for the semi-finals, it is 3rd french club that invites itself. Grenoble’s FO Rivois will largely dominate the Catalan Juncosa. Despite the best (and loud) fans of the competition, Catalan players have failed to compete against their opponents.

ranking fef women champions 2019


2 Drapeau de la France MARGUERITTES FUTSAL
3 Flag of Monaco.svg MONACO AMF
4 Drapeau de la France FUTSAL O. RIVOIS
5 Drapeau marocain A SAPHIR KENITRA
6 Drapeau de la Catalogne JUNCOSA FS
  • Best Player : Marine Magnier (Futsal Marguerittois)
  • Best Goal : Elodie Lizzano (Futsal Marguerittois) – 9 goals
  • Best Pivot : Dominique Geminiano (Toulouse Metropole FC)
  • Best Defender : Adeline Boyer (Toulouse Metropole FC)
  • Best Goalkeeper: Julie Gonzalez (Toulouse Metropole FC)

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