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The French club Vauvert / St-Gilles Futsal became European Champion 2019 after winning in the final 5-2 against the Cyprus club EMU Futsal in Famagusta. France achieves a historic double after the victory of Toulouse Metropole in women FEf Champions League.

In new edition of FEF Men Champions League which brought together the Catalan club of Ripoll, the clus chyrpriotes of METU and EMU Futsal and thus the French club of Vauvert St-Gilles Futsal, the competition was intense. After a group stage in which all the teams met, EMU Futsal and Vauvert St-Gilles Futsal, both undefeated, qualified for the Final. Despite his experience of European contests, Ripoll fails on the third step of the podium.

The final was offered a very close opposition, bitter even sometimes, where the French technical quality ended up making the difference. Back to back at half-time, both teams delivered a physical duel in the first period despite the significant heat. In the second half, Vauvert St-Gilles Futsal made his experience speak, taking advantage of the many faults. In counterattack and free-throw, the French will widen the gap despite the encouragement of local supporters.

France therefore has the two major European titles this season with the victories of Vauvert St-Gilles Futsal in men and Toulouse MF in women. A first for the French Futsal Association which hopes to host the most prestigious competitions of the FEF next year.


Ilyas most valuable player fef

Most valuable player : Ilyass El Khalfi (Vauvert / St-Gilles Futsal)


fef champions men 2019

Best scorer : Ferhat Taha Yılmaz (METU Futsal – 9 goals)


goalkeeper fef champions men 2019

Best goalkeeper : Jaume Bonana Costa (Ripoll FS)


emu chypre

Fair Play Award : METU Futsal (Cyprus)

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