Futsal European Federation


After a quality final, Nantes MF won 2-1 against Futsal Marguerittois for the first edition of the AFF Women’s National Futsal Cup.

With three wins in three matches, Nantes Métropole Futsal had a perfect run to clinch the trophy of the National Women’s Cup 2021. The Nantes women took turns dominating FC Piccaso, Futsal Olympique Rivois and Futsal Marguerittois Nîmes Métropole. If the quarter-final and the semi-final were perfectly mastered, the final was, on the other hand, much more disputed. After giving a lesson in realism to FOR, admittedly diminished but recent 3rd in the Women’s European Cup, in Turkey, the NMF snatched the decision against the vice-champions of Europe.

Led by the best player (and scorer) of the competition, Fatoumata Baldé, the Nantes team has long stumbled over Deborah Garcia, the best goalkeeper of the tournament. Dominating in the game, the proteges of coach Benmaza have long tried, hoping to find the loophole in the local defense. But Lizzano and his gang joined together, patiently, waiting for the moment to place a banderilla. Very tactical, the meeting will finally be played in three minutes. Ten minutes from the end of the game, Chek, an exemplary captain, with a sudden volley, found the nets at a tight angle (1-0). Then, a few moments later, Conan is at the conclusion of a counter round with a flat foot at the far post (2-0).

If the gap is made, the game is not over yet. President Dubon’s daughters push in the last few minutes, showing their usual courage. Nantes suffered the onslaught of local players, pushed by their audience, and made some mistakes, with fatigue helping. Comfortable tactically and above all technically, Papin’s teammates are trying to manage the last few minutes. Marguerittes will give himself two great opportunities on a corner and a free kick, but the finish is not there. It will take a free-throw, scored in two stages by Lizzano, to close the gap. Too late to reverse the outcome of the game, there are 6 seconds left …

If the Futsal Marguerittois may have some small regrets, after another lost final, there is a certain logic with the victory of Nantes MF, dominant over the weekend. The vice-champions of Europe are already awaiting their revenge, just like their forward-looking state of mind. For Nantes, it was a more than successful introduction to AMF futsal. With this qualification for the next European Cup 2022, the Nantes women will have plenty of time to confirm this very good performance … alongside the Futsal Marguerittois which they will accompany on a continental scale.