Futsal European Federation


World Fustal Association (AMF) will activate its own modern headquarters this week in Paraguay

The World Futsal Association, chaired by Paraguayan Rolando Juan Alarcón Ríos, will be in congress on November 18 in asunscion, before inaugurating the AMF’s own headquarters, which will operate in the capital.
The leading event has historical characteristics because it will already take place in the new own headquarters of the AMF, located in Lt Frutos and Del Fuerte, which will be inaugurated this Thursday at 10 am in the presence of the international management.

Regarding the site already fully completed, it has a large auditorium room where this new AMF congress will take place, in addition it has 2 offices, one for the permanent secretary and another room presiding over more than a large parking lot.

During the Congress, a deserved tribute will be paid to the procer of the Colombian trade fair management, founder of the Federation of his country and of the international entity, Don Jaime Arroyave Rendón. It is precisely in your presence that the auditorium lounge of the AMF which will bear your name will be set up.
After the protocol acts, a toast will be raised and then the deliberations of the congress will begin which foresees, in addition to the approval of memory and the assessment of fiscal year, the choice of new authorities among other subjects.

At the end of the congress, those in attendance will travel to Franco City to experience the alternatives of another historic event, the start of the first C15 lounge football world championship to be played from the 20th to the 26th of the current month.