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French Futsal Association – AFF

Created in May 2014, the French Futsal Association aims to develop the authentic AMF futsal in France for all age categories and to represent France in competitions under the auspices of the World Association of Futsal (AMF) and / or the European Federation of Futsal (FEF).

Our goal is the development of authentic futsal on a national, European and global scale in different aspects, be they sports, administrative, technical and also training.

The AFF consists of a Board of Directors, Leagues and Committees. The CA has a collegial functioning where all the members have the same responsibilities and powers.

The Board of Directors is surrounded by 7 poles allowing the association to function properly.

The French Association of Futsal is the French federation recognized internationally to develop the so-called “authentic futsal” sport throughout its territory and to represent France at all international competitions and events (World or European Championships, Congress, Tournaments, Cups …)

The AFF currently has 700 members throughout France.

The AFF is the 100% Futsal Federation, offering competitions and training for young people (girls and boys), women and men.


Organization chart

Official name of the Association : Association Française de Futsal

Postal address : 13 Impasse de La Plaine 30620 BERNIS – France


Website : www.affs.fr

Name of the President : M. Mikael BOURDARAUD

Tel : +33 6 17 80 47 80
Email : president@affs.fr

Name of the General Secretary : Mme Marine MAGNIER
Tel : +33 7 50 67 56 25
Email : info@affs.fr

Name of the Treasurer : M. Cédric NOVAIS

Name of the official correspondant with FEF : M. Mikael BOURDARAUD
Tel : +33 6 17 80 47 80
Email : info@affs.fr